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Noarlunga South Australia

Education and Training Program

The Education and Training Program


We are pleased to partner with William Angliss Institute and the Australian Tourism Industry Council in the development and delivery of our education and training program. Our program will provide training across the workforce from career entry through to executive level, for individuals and businesses. Our E&T program will include the following initiatives (among others):


  • Our PhD program with full and top up scholarships, each student embedded with industry partners within an R&D hub.

  • A First Nations Honours program across our partner universities to grow capacity for First Nations tourism businesses and address the critical shortage of First Nations tourism researchers.

  • Vocational training materials and short courses will be developed by WAI for delivery through their programs and partnerships.

  • Our annual partners’ bootcamp will enable dissemination of CRC outcomes, tools and training on usage of these tools.

  • Bespoke training modules for tourism businesses using CRC outputs and tools will be developed with partners through existing distribution systems.

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Prof Kirsten Holmes, CRC lead

+61 8 9266 7411

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