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How we work

CRC funding model

The Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre program facilitates industry-led collaborations with universities, communities and all levels of government to address significant challenges facing the tourism, hospitality and events sectors in Australia. The program enables us to leverage industry and university contributions to access substantial Commonwealth funding to support long-term collaborative research and problem-solving.

The CRC scheme enables partners to apply for Commonwealth funding matching the industry’s in-kind and cash contributions for a period of up to 10 years.

Participant benefits


Participants in this CRC will:

  • ​Get access to a national pool of Australia's leading researchers.

  • Gain new intellectual property (IP) to embed into your products and services.

  • Tackle large problems that can make a measurable impact on your organisation's ability to grow.

  • Prepare your organisation to enter new markets.

  • Tackle skills and labour shortages, and influence skills and training for our future workforce.

  • Get an opportunity to network with like-minded organisations leading to further collaborations.

  • Gain access to cost-effective research that is heavily subsidised by the Commonwealth Government and other participants.

  • Nominate independent directors to the CRC Board. 

CRC governance and management


The Future Tourism CRC will be established as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It will be governed by an independent skills-based board. A Research Advisory Panel, chaired by the skills-based director, along with other members elected from participants and external experts, will be responsible for reviewing research proposals against criteria pertaining to industry needs, commercial potential and scientific basis.


Following assessment, the Research Advisory Panel will make recommendations to the Board for a proposal’s approval and/or to participants for its further development.


The CRC will maintain a flexible approach in considering options for ownership and use of IP beyond a default position of the Future Tourism CRC owning the legal title to the IP, with alternative arrangements stipulated in Project Agreements. The CRC will have two participant categories, one for research institutes and the other for non-research institutes such as industry and government. 

Next steps

If you are interested in participating in the Future Tourism CRC please contact us to register your interest. We will be hosting a series of workshops with key stakeholders as we work towards submission in the Australian Government’s CRC program. 

Register your interest here

Thank you!

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Prof Kirsten Holmes, CRC lead

+61 8 9266 7411

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